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Kerry in unannounced visit to Egypt

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Secretary Kerry handing out cupcakes to the press corps accompanying him, November 2ndSecretary Kerry handed out cupcakes to the press corps accompanying him on his nine-day tour

US Secretary of State John Kerry begins a tour of countries in the Middle East and North Africa on Sunday.

Saudi Arabia, Israel, Jordan and Morocco are among the countries listed on the itinerary.

Although it is not on the official agenda, there are also reports he may visit Egypt, where relations have been strained since the overthrow of President Mohammed Morsi.

The former leader is due to go on trial on Monday.

Poland, Abu Dhabi and Algeria are also on John Kerry's official itinerary, which spans 3 to 12 November.

Saudi concerns

Mr Kerry, who is the United States' top diplomat, is likely to try to repair a decades-old alliance with Egypt if his visit there goes ahead.

Earlier this year, Washington froze part of the $1.5bn it gives in annual aid to Egypt because of a lack of democratic progress and violence against supporters of the Islamist President Morsi.

The interim government has criticised the American position.

Mr Morsi goes on trial on Monday accused of inciting the killing of protesters outside the presidential palace in December 2012.

Hundreds of people have died in violence since Mr Morsi was removed from power by the army on 3 July.

Secretary Kerry's first official stop is Riyadh.

The Saudi government has recently expressed its disappointment with what it sees as America's hesitant approach in Syria and a lack of support for the new Egyptian government.

Mr Kerry is expected to discuss defence and trade issues with officials, with Syria likely to be high on the agenda across the region.

The secretary of state will also meet Israeli and Palestinian leaders to discuss the peace process in Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

He will then travel to Algeria and Morocco towards the end of the nine-day trip to chair strategic dialogue meetings.

Mr Kerry may also have to face difficult questions over allegations of widespread US spying.

In the wake of revelations sparked by leaks from ex-US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden, Mr Kerry said last week that spying by the US National Security Agency may have gone too far.

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