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Germany hopes for Snowden meeting

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German MP Hans-Christian Stroebele (right) with Edward SnowdenMr Stroebele (right) met Mr Snowden at a secret location in Moscow

A German Green politician says NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has told him in Moscow that he is willing to speak to German investigators about the US spy agency's activities.

Hans-Christian Stroebele said the offer was contained in a letter to the German government which Mr Snowden gave him.

Mr Stroebele tweeted a photograph of himself with Mr Snowden, who has temporary asylum in Russia.

It is not clear whether Mr Snowden would get legal protection in Germany.

Reports that German Chancellor Angela Merkel's mobile phone was bugged by US spies for years overshadowed last week's EU summit and she remarked with irritation that spying on friends is "really not on".

Mr Snowden's lawyer Anatoly Kucherena said his client would not be able to go to Germany to help investigators, but he added that Mr Snowden could give evidence in Moscow.

"Snowden will not go to Germany. This is not possible because he has no right to cross Russian borders," he was quoted as saying.

"Within the framework of international agreements Snowden can give testimony in Russia but this should be decided by the German authorities."

New job

Earlier Mr Stroebele, a German MP in the Bundestag, said Mr Snowden would be prepared to come to Germany to testify to an investigation into the National Security Agency for which he once worked.

The fugitive has a visa allowing him to live in Russia until next June.

Some in Germany are raising the possibility of Berlin then granting him asylum.

That would raise all sorts of issues, the BBC's Stephen Evans reports from Berlin - including whether Germany could or would refuse to extradite him to the United States.

Speaking to German ARD television, Mr Stroebele said that Mr Snowden "is fundamentally ready to help bring things to light".

"The conditions for that have to be established. We had a long discussion about that."

The MP said he had suggested that investigators could question Mr Snowden in Moscow about the NSA.

Mr Snowden "made it clear that he knows a very great deal," he went on.

Mr Stroebele described the former intelligence contractor as "amazingly talkative - he has a mission, an urge to communicate, he wants things to be put back on a legal basis".

Mr Snowden is starting work on Friday for a major private website in Russia, his lawyer has said.

Mr Snowden, 30, fled to Russia in June after leaking details of far-reaching US telephone espionage.

The lawyer, Mr Kucherena, would not disclose which site has employed Mr Snowden, citing security concerns.

However, Mr Snowden had a very public job offer earlier this year from the head of VKontakte, a popular social networking site seen as a rival to Facebook.

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