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Small energy firms 'escape levies'

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pylonSmall energy providers are exempt from some social levies

The head of one of the UK's biggest energy companies has suggested that smaller providers have an unfair cost advantage.

Tony Cocker, the chief executive of E.On, said small companies are excused from paying some of the environmental and social levies.

Such levies make up around 8% of the average bill.

One of the smaller companies, Ovo Energy, has claimed that its bills are up to 13% lower than its rivals.

The claim comes after the bosses of eight energy companies appeared before MPs on Tuesday to justify recent price rises.

"The small companies are exempt from a number of environmental and social obligations," Tony Cocker told the BBC's Today Programme. "Not all, but some of them."

Stephen Fitzpatrick, the managing director of Ovo Energy, claimed that his firm could cut bills for many consumers.

"I can tell you, of the four companies that have raised their prices, we are around £160 cheaper. So that's about 12% to 13% for a customer of average consumption," Mr Fitzpatrick said.

Ovo raised its prices by 5.8% in April 2013.

So far this month, British Gas, SSE, Scottish Power and Npower have raised prices by an average of 9.1%.

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